The world's best belt grinders

Australian Made Award Winning Precision Machinery. Exported to Germany, the USA & 20 Countries Worldwide

Introducing Radius Master the world’s best belt grinder

Unmatched versatility with access to 5 contact wheels and flat grinding in seconds without tools.

Unmatched tracking accuracy allowing sharp corner notching
Belt changes in less than ten seconds.
All make this the most user-friendly machine worldwide.
Sold Australia wide, U.S.A, Germany, U.K, N.Z, Europe.

RM 48 Series 2

Superior Corner Notching

No other belt grinder can notch into sharp corners like this.
Radius Master can be purchased directly or from a wide range of distributors.

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Rapid Curve Notching

Superior belt grinder curve notching for finger grooves and pipe notching.
Precision tracking allows for sharp corner notching and cannot be equaled by any knife making machine worldwide.

RM48 Series 2

Rapid Heavy Metal Removal

Heaviest metal removal rates to the finest finishing from any belt grinder.
Advice can be sort for a wide range of applications including manufacturing and finishing.

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Unmatched fine notching

Unmatched fine notching usually only possible with an electric Dremel.
Radius Master is used by many universities and TAFE colleges throughout Australia, as well as the CSIRO, aircraft manufacturers and the medical profession.

RM 48 Series 2

“An innovative belt grinder with seven different workstations on one belt”

Australian Made Award Winning Precision Machinery

Radius Master belt grinders are the most versatile and accurate belt grinders in the world.

Designed and built in Australia from high quality parts with an unmatched performance and quality, there’s no need for add-ons and spanners with these belt grinders.

Belt Grinder Video Demonstrations

Original Belt Grinder Summary

A high performance belt grinding machine that outperforms the competition.

Variable Speed Belt Grinder

Step-less control from 400rpm to 1600rpm for difficult to grind materials.

Belt Grinder Demonstration

Ben Orford’s demonstration of the features and utility of the RM48 Belt Grinder