The world's best belt grinders

Radius Master Belt Grinders Versatile and accurate belt grinders with no need to remove the belt to access the many workstations

The most versatile and accurate belt grinders in the world.

The most user friendly belt grinders on the market — they will out-perform and out-last all competitor belt grinders and make a significant improvement to your product costs and quality.

Radius Master Belt Grinders are the only belt grinders available in the world that will accurately track the latest heavy duty polyester backed ceramic belts.

Our Belt Grinder Videos

Original Belt Grinder Summary

A high performance belt grinding machine that outperforms the competition.

Variable Speed Belt Grinder

Step-less control from 400rpm to 1600rpm for difficult to grind materials.

Belt Grinder Demonstration

Ben Orford’s demonstration of the features and utility of the RM48 Belt Grinder

Unmatched for accuracy, versatility, performance & durability.

Radius Master belt grinders are proven to be the most invaluable tools for engineers, fabricators, welders, fitters, balustrade and stainless specialists, foundries, toolmakers, rural manufacturers, mechanics, restorers, aircraft engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, sculptors, knife-makers, model makers, many universities and the CSIRO.

Radius Master Belt Grinders come with a 2 year commercial warranty.