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About Us

Radius Master’s designer John Price, a tool and die maker by profession, has been manufacturing belt grinding machinery, including the multi tool, for more than 40 years.

This experience, together with the desire to build better machinery that does not follow conventional time wasting designs has produced award winning machinery that has no equal in terms of convenience, performance and durability.

Without the need for a box of add-ons and spanners, we have proudly achieved the most user friendly machinery that out-performs, out-lasts and can make a very significant improvement to product cost and quality.

Winner of ABC’s The New Inventors.


Our Belt Grinder Videos

Original Belt Grinder Summary

A high performance belt grinding machine that outperforms the competition.

Variable Speed Belt Grinder

Step-less control from 400rpm to 1600rpm for difficult to grind materials.

Belt Grinder Demonstration

Ben Orford’s demonstration of the features and utility of the RM48 Belt Grinder

Testimonials for Radius Master Belt Grinders